Steve Borgia

“He is just not a professor… But a motivator, leaving behind testimonies on roads traveled. His book “MAN & TREE” documents a bit of his magic and all his projects have inspired hundreds of hotel entrepreneurs and others, especially the first time ones, the young and the ones not born with a golden spoon.”

Pigeons To Post

India’s first coffee-table book on the Indian postal history, PIGEONS TO POST, is a tribute to the spirit of the postal people; the mail-runner emerges as the hero and takes the author’s tribute. He did not just carry mails; he carried emotions of the people he served as well. PIGEONS TO POST is an intimate journey, carrying with it a visual representation of the origin and history of postal services in India.

Stress Buster Zone

The Avana Gardens Scrap Yard Of The Erstwhile Madras Presidency Continues To Be My Favorite De Stress Buster Zone.On 10.01.2012..I Spotted This Television Tower Looking Tubular Scrap.For Some Vague Reason I Thought Of The Chettiar Aviators. Incidentally This Yard Was Once Owned And Operated By The Great Avadiappan… The 19 Year Old Boy,One Of The Pioneer Aviator Of The Early 1900s.

Steve Borgia Indian Heritage Museum

The STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM strives to source, acquire, research and exhibit some of these for future generations. Through these objects, cultures, values, lifestyles, beliefs and food habits we strive to establish their spirit.

Association For Agri & Rural Tourism In India

The concept of Agri and Rural Tourism as a means to mend the breaking backbone of Indian villages hit me as early as early 80’s. The meaningful stint at UN strengthened the idea. Understanding development helped me see the issue and a possible solution on the same plate. Thank god there were no government takers for my ideas that I was forced to make it my business.

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