“Indeco’s Indian Heritage Museum Houses India’s single largest civilian collection of rare & contemporary museum objects of a very wide variety”

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INDeco believes that any object of the past, even a fragment of it can help in providing deeper and broader knowledge of our heritage and lifestyle, thereby creating links with our own forgotten history.

India has been an irresistible land, right from Alexander, Huein Tsang, Gengis Khan to the Mughals, Dutch, French and the English. To some she was the land of riches and for others a destination for the soul, irrespective of the reasons. India never failed to enthrall her visitors. Centuries later, there has been no change in the impact of India’s charm, however, several historical monuments have been destroyed, artifacts stolen and oral traditions lost forever. INDeco has reached a point where we are forced to look beyond the hotel. Typically when the government or private party proposes to pull down a piece of heritage, natural or man-made, INDeco aims at finding solutions through media, legislation, or public awareness in order to preserve it as in the case of the mint palace.

Today, the Steve Borgia Indian heritage museum at each of our hotels emerged as the single largest repository of contemporary objects, especially those from the last hundred years. Integrating the museums with the hotels., redefines them as centers of differential learning and contemporary research. The hotel in itself is turned into a destination. Interestingly, local people become informants, suppliers and restorers of the museum.

Home To The late.Kanchi MAHA PERIYAVA

This part of today’s INDECO HOTELS SWAMIMALAI was once a home to the late Hindu Pontiff KANCHI PERIYAVA, SRI CHANDRASHEKARENDRA SARASWATI SWAMIGAL. If you are guest here, make it a point to visit his room(10) and his neighbouring khoshala(101). The hotel has exhibited some rare photos shot here from the very first visit of MAHAPERIYAVA.



   The Madras Central Prison was constructed by the British for a mere Rs 16,500,its present value is projected to be around 475 crores. It used to home more than 1,500 inmates at a point of time.Here,some of the renowned freedom fighters,have served their gruelling sentences.Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar,C.N Annadurai,Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi ans J.Jayalalitha.When on 3rd June of 2009,the then Tamil Nadu government voted to send the 1837 built prison to the gallows, we attempted to save this heritage and when all attempts failed we negotiated with the demolisher and had to pay a huge price to acquire the main gates of the prison and exhibited the same in the STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM in the INDeco Hotel Swamimalai.


  In the course of his political strife for the freedom of India.Bose was imprisoned all of 21 times in various centres,one of the noticeable ones being the cellular jail in Port Blair.One of these said expeditions,Subash Chandra Bose was stationed in the Madras Presidency, en route to Port Blair,where he was housed at the Madras Central Jail,until he was shifted out and transported to Port Blair.This unit , that once housed the late freedom fighter is now installed here at INDeco,which acquired this historical piece of antiquity and the main doorway.

Surprises @ INDeco Swamimalai

This Hotel is full of unique surprises.
When you are there, ensure you ask them to open this historical tunnel, that connects the hotel with river Cauvery that flows about a hundred meters away. Probably, the chola rulers used this well crafted tunnel, not only as an escape route but also frequent their arm factory at Thimmakudi. which is now a part of this hotel. Thimmakudi is the habitat of Thimmaras (people who work with iron). Even today, where ever you dig in this campus, you will find some broken swords & shields, that was once crafted by these Thimmars.

River CAUVERY Runs Through INDeco

The great river Cauvery flows around the Tanjore region. It is a lifeline. INDECO HOTELS SWAMIMALAI is so blessed, that a canal, brings the Cauvery waters inside the hotel. A myth says, it came into the hotel to provide the sacred Cauvery water for the GREAT PARAMACHARYA for whom this very site was a second home.


Three eloquent suites 401,402 & 403 and an administrative block form a part of the lobby block. The palatial wooden louvre doors used for these suites once adorned the palace at Pudukkottai. As a witness we also possess and exhibit here the 1820 inauguration plaque laid by the Rajah of SIVAGANGA. The suites share a sprawling verandah-like corridor decorated with GAUDI style broken tiles.

Vintage Cars @ Indeco

Aircraft Restoration

Preaching Presses

Arms of the European Missionary

Colonial Furniture

The Rare Furniture of the Raj

British Fans

Times Of The English

A Collection of Rare Clocks


A Collection of Rare Cupboards

The Palanquin of the Palace

Beginning of Inequalities among Humans

Raj Days

Images, Books, Objects

English Kitchen

Machinery of Madras Presidency

Tools That Built The Empire

Portable England

British Campaign Furniture

The Yercaud English Settlement

Collections of Rahm. Flossy. Henny

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