Nature Trembles Where Man Passes

To wander through this sacred space among new and ancient creations is truly spirit – Stirring and Romantic.

INDeco along with its in-house birds and animals accepts orphaned and highway accident victims with profound joy. Guests, staff, local communities, birds, animals, creeping, insects and the flora…All coexist within the ecological niche. Sheer care and love cures them to live a life beyond its expectancy.

A wounded deer leaps the highest certainly not to reach heaven, But in fear of repeated human onslaught, hoping to escape death by man.

Yes, we made roads cutting across their territory,Take care not to speed killing poor animals and birds on the road, For they have not been told that, The territorial animal like us wants to monopolise that space.

Most often it is the deer and dogs that get the highways hit Instant death or most often badly wounded

Thanks to the roadside dwellers and squatters who still care for our flora and fauna

Some get help and come here with their head smashed. Teeth and horns broken. Eyes blinded legs fractured

Sometimes our care concern and touch helps And at times green leaves and the native oils also help

When it is very bad…Prayers come In.

Fortunately those that have come here have lived beyond their life expectancy,

Unfortunately, the wounded that have been touched by man are never accepted in the wild again by their own clan or the rest.

Where man passes..
Nature still trembles…

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