INDeco Hotels Swamimalai, The 1896 Tanjore Village In Kumbakonam

India’s Only Winner Of The Global Eco Tourism Award. This Unique Heritage Hotel, with About 80 Thematic Suites, Instantly Transports You To The Previous Century.

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Swamimalai Museum

INDeco believes that any object of the past, even a fragment of it can help in providing deeper and broader knowledge of our heritage and lifestyle, thereby creating links with our own forgotten history.

India has been an irresistible land, right from Alexander, Huein Tsang, Gengis Khan to the Mughals, Dutch, French and the English. To some she was the land of riches and for others a destination for soul, irrespective of the reasons. India never failed to enthrall her visitors. Centuries later, there has been no change in the impact of India’s charm, however, several historical monuments have been destroyed, artifacts stolen and oral traditions lost forever. INDeco has reached a point where we are forced to look beyond the hotel. Typically when the government or private party proposes to pull down a piece of heritage, natural or man-made, INDeco aims at finding solutions through media, legislation, or public awareness in order to preserve it as in the case of the mint palace.

Today, the Steve Borgia Indian heritage museum at each of our hotels emerged as the single largest repository of contemporary objects, especially those from the last hundred years. Integrating the museums with the hotels., redefines them as centers of differential learning and contemporary research. The hotel in itself is turned into a destination. Interestingly, local people become informants, suppliers and restorers of the museum.

INDeco hotel looks beyond the hotel. The region protects and conserves monuments in the region. Typically when the government or a private party is pulling down a heritage, built or natural, INDeco inorder to save that heritage from destruction does goes to the press, court or creates public awareness in the process several heritage sites take shelter in our museum.

The 1896 Tanjore Village...

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